Multiple Orgasms Explained For Men And Women

  • michaeltuma
  • March 29, 2016
  • It is perhaps the ultimate dream for an adult: everybody knows how incredible it is to have one orgasm, but what if you could have multiple orgasms in a session, that come as you demand them. The best thing is, they are completely normal. To achieve this sort of sexual bliss would be wonderful, and the thing that you need to know is that it is possible. It is much easier – although still difficult – if you are woman to send yourself into ecstasy three, four or five times in a session, while a man may struggle to get aroused again after he has blown his load once. Here are a few things that women can do to make sure they orgasm multiple times, and some advice for men so that they can get similar sensations.

    For a woman, making sure that you are fully relaxed, are not going to be disturbed and have plenty of time to have a fulfilling masturbation session is important. Bringing a toy along for the ride is also a good idea, as you may get tired and bored if you just have your fingers. Then, it is all about slowly building yourself up, ensuring that your clitoris gets maximum sensations and perhaps even playing with your ass. At first, don’t try to overdo it and let the pleasure grow on its own – this is much better than trying to force it. After you get going, try using your dildo or vibrator and if you have an anal toy then this may be a good time to put it in. Once you have reached orgasm, don’t give yourself too much time to relax – look to ride the wave and send yourself to the next one, and then another one in double quick time.

    Men who are hoping for extended masturbation sessions should do their utmost to perfect the art of edging. Having this sort of self-control over your cock is quite difficult as once you get close you just want to burst. But if you can manage to keep yourself on the edge then this often feels as good as an orgasm itself, and when you do eventually allow yourself to shoot you will have a much bigger orgasm. If you have plenty of stamina, you may not have to wait very long before you try and reach orgasm again, however, the experience can be rather draining so do not worry if it takes a while for arousal to grow again.

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