Is Casual Good or Not?

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  • June 23, 2016
  • Many London escorts are in casual relationships, but recently some of the girls have started to wonder if they are any good. Some of the fantastic escorts at this great adult site that I spoke to said that they are ready to settle down, but their relationship partners are not. What do you do under circumstances like that?

    I suggested to the affected London escorts, that it is good try to force a casual partner into a serious commitment. I pointed out to the London escorts that many of that type of relationships would quickly go belly up, and could cost more than emotional upheaval. I told the London escorts that it is important to be honest with yourself and your partner. If you, like so many other London escorts, are looking for a long term relationship, it is best that both partner have the same out look.

    Will you marry me?

    One of the London escorts said that she is waiting for her partner to pop the question. She is not sure if he is really interested in a long term relationship or not. Many other London escorts said the same thing, and I told them not to hang around – ask the question.

    Asking a guy if he is interested in a long term is a big deal for all ladies including London escorts. What if he says no? That would be a devastating form of rejection. Would you ask him why or just start an argument over who gets the CD collection straight away?

    Do listen to the answer as to why, but if the relationship does not have a future, why should you invest your time? It takes two to tango, and on top of that, you need to make sure you tango in the same direction. Many London escorts say that directing, or finding a direction in a relationship can be very difficult and I would agree with them.

    Dedication or Commitment

    Are you committed to your partner? If you are, good for you but is he as equally committed to you? Before you you start selecting the hymns to the church service, discuss the issue of dedication or commitment. Marriage is a huge commitment, and you need to make sure that you are both equally committed.

    You should also be committed to the same principles and that includes sharing the rearing of any off-spring. Kids are a huge commitment and I know that my ex was never really ready for that. Now, 16 years on he is but he left that a bit late.

    Before you get married you do really need to be 100% percent committed to each other, and that often means knowing each other inside out. If, you are planning to share a life together, you need to be able to build a lasting relationship. Once you have embarked on that you will realise that every day of your marriage life commitment will matter.

    At some tough times, it will be the only thing that holds you together and at easier times, it will play less of an important role.

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