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  • September 5, 2019
  • Dating businessmen is something that we have always done at Kensington escorts, but now we seem to be dating more businessmen than ever before. Going to all of these business dinners, I do get to hear a lot, and sometimes It does make me wonder what is going. We presume that all of the large mergers are done in the boardrooms, but I think that they are done around the dinner table instead.

    Is it interesting to go on business dates for some seductive Kensington escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/kensington-escorts? Yes, it is very interesting because you learn so much. Sometimes I will pick up a headline in a newspaper, read it and think about what actually happened. Donald Trump talks a lot about fake news, and he may be right on occasion. When I read these articles, it is clear that what is being reported is not what happened. I was sitting at that dinner table when that deal was done and shook on as they say.

    Does big business rule the world? I have long ago come to the conclusion that governments do not rule the world. It is the big companies which do so, and I am not sure it is a good thing. The other night, I was out with this one gent, and he started to talk to someone on the phone. I soon realized that the guy on the other end was a minister in the government, and he was more or less being told what to do by my date. It was all very strange and left me with a rather unpleasant feeling.

    Are governments corrupt? Since I have been doing all of these business dates on behalf of Kensington escorts, I have come to appreciate that a lot of governments are corrupt. Is the UK government corrupt?  After having dated a few members of the government, I think that they are just as bad as the rest of us. I used to feel guilty about accepting tax-free gifts at Kensington escorts, but I don’t do that anymore. Why should I do so? It seems the government is doing whatever with my money anyway. You be surprised what petty cash pays for….

    Should I write down what I hear? I thought about doing that several times. The high profile businessmen I date at Kensington escorts do seem like super criminals to me. I have not written anything down as they scare me a bit. At first I thought that the men I date gave me nice presents because they wanted to be nice to me, or appreciated my personal attention. Now I doubt that is true. I think that they give me nice presents as hush money. They may not want to give cash, but they do want to make it too obvious, so they give jeweler and expensive handbags instead. Mind you, I guess that I should not be complaining.


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