There are a few escorts services which specialize in escorts for couples.

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  • October 22, 2018
  • Two pair of hands are great but sometimes you may just need an extra pair of helping hands. Escorts for couples are still a bit of rarity but slowly more and more couples are beginning to look around for an extra pair of hands.
    If, you are a couple looking for escorts for couples of, you will find that both male and female escorts this kind of service. In some parts of the UK, escorts for couples are a bit of a rarity but in Surrey, Berkshire and the London area, you are more likely to find escorts for couples.
    It is a very unique services and if you would like to take advantage of it, you may have to be prepared to pay a bit extra. But, as many couples are quick to point out, the service is normally well worth it and you are likely to meet an escort who enjoy it as much as you do.
    Here at Better Sex we decided to have a chat to a couple who take advantage of this service on a regular basis. Alan and Sandra live in Sunning dale, and are active members of the local community. They enjoy attending the local swingers group, but at the same time they love to have personal time with one or two special escorts.
    What they do is pretty unique, and it sounds like they have really learned to appreciate each other pleasures. One week they invite a male escort to join them, and the following week the invite a female escort to join. This gives both parties an extra opportunity to really spoil themselves with a variety of partners.
    Better Sex asked Alan and Sandra why they enjoy this particular activity, and here is what they had to say.
    A special treat
    After a long hard week at work it is nice to be able to look forward to a special treat, and this is why we make the most of this service. It is nice not to have to do everything yourself, and you end up feeling really indulged at the end of the date. Sandra loves to spend time with her favorite escort and I like to spend time with Anna, the nice young lady who joins us once a fortnight.
    We very much plan our evenings together, and start off with a few cocktails and might even watch a few movies for inspiration. It is than nice to be able to settle down and just enjoy each other company.
    To some people this may seem to be an unusual activity, but to us this is something that we both enjoy and look forward to. Sharing our lives with others make them even more special and allows us to add some real variety in our play.
    Sandra says that she recognizes that this kind of play is not for everybody. You have to get turned on by it, and if it is not for you, you shouldn’t try it. However, she also says that a lot of people are quick to condemn and jump to conclusions.
    She could be right, perhaps we should all learn to be more open minded and let others share our lives.

    I am helpless without London escorts

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  • October 8, 2018
  • I know that dating London escorts is not really a good long term future strategy for me, and that I should really get my own girlfriend. The only problem is that I have been dating escorts here in London for a long time, and I am pretty sure that I will be rather helpless without them. All of the girls that I have met are really sexy and I know that I am never going to find a girlfriend who can match any of the beauties that I date at London escorts.
    A couple of the girls that I date at London escorts are real sex kittens. When I take them out, I can feel that all eyes are on us right away. Sure, I know that it is not really real, but these girls make me feel on top of the world and I am sure that is why so many guys like to hang out with Cheap escorts in London in the first place. It is like nothing can touch me when I am with my girls from the agency.
    The fact that my mates get really jealous of my hot dates from London escorts actually turns me on. When I speak to my mates, it is clear that most of them think that they are my real girlfriends. But then again, most of my friends are nerds like me and they probably could not imagine me dating escorts. We are all a bit shy and awkward around girls, but when I am with my babes, I do feel on top of the world.
    You can have so much fun with girls from some of the top London escort services. When I was younger, I would never have dreamed of going on to a pub crawl around Soho or anything like that, but now I do it all of the time. Thanks to the girls that I am dating here in London, I have got to know the best sexy clubs and the owners as well. The girls like the fact that I have some influence in all of these clubs, but I do go without the girls. I don’t fool myself, I know that being a “high roller” really matters and that is why they like me so much. Being able to take my sexy friends into clubs is just one of the advantages of having more cash than the average person.
    London escorts have come a long way over the years I have been meeting up with escorts. Now you can get involved with so many exciting things, and I love stuff like duo dating and escorts for couples. Sometimes I hook up with a girl from my favourite London escort agency, and invite a girl who specialise in escorts for couples from another agency. It is great and I love the fact that the other girls does not know that my London escort girlfriend for the day, is not my genuine girlfriend. Believe me, there is nothing like having kinky fun with girls from a London escort service.

    Sexy female companionship – south London escorts

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  • August 13, 2018
  • Ever since my escorts agency closed its doors, I have been looking elsewhere for a bit of sexy female companionship. Fortunately, I think that I have just found it at South London escorts. Her name is Tina, and she is the most stunning young lady that I have seen in ages. What I really like about her is that she is totally natural. Many girls who work as escorts these days are rather fake, and have gone over the top with enhancement surgery. I don’t like that at all, and I am sure that many gents feel exactly the same way.

    I don’t know why so many girls who work as escorts go for enhancement surgery. When you look closely at them, you can see they are sexy and nice enough as they are, but they don’t seem to be happy with that at all. No, they want to change and have bigger breasts and fuller lips. I am surprised that they don’t appreciate the fact that it turns many gents off. But then again, perhaps most girls now want to date wealthy Arabs who visit town. I am so glad that I have found Tina from South London escorts from She is a real natural girl.

    Natural beauty does it every time for me, and Tina has got it all. I love her long brunette hair which flows down her back. It falls over my shoulders when she bends down over me, and gives me a massage. It feels really great and I keep on telling her how lovely she looks. Many of the girls at South London escorts are like Tina, and I think the agency have made a real effort to employ natural looking girls. I have spoken to quite a few other gents, and natural girls is the main reason they use the agency.

    Of course, all of the ladies at South London escorts are real sexy babes, there is not getting away from that. I am sure that many gents appreciate that fact as well. I know that I do, and there is nothing like a bit of sexy female companionship to keep you happy on a cold winter’s night. The girls at the agency also do both incalls and outcalls. This is another fact that I really appreciate. It is nice to be able to stay in and wait for a girl to come around. A really exciting experience.
    South London escorts really do it for me, and I love every minute I spend with my dream girls. They turn me on and we have some really hot adult fun together. I have never been afraid to tell the girls at South London escorts  my dreams and desires. They don’t make you feel awkward at all, and do their best to look after you. Now that I have find my perfect natural hot babes, I hope that the agency will stay open for gents like me to enjoy. After all, why not enjoy some real female company, instead of some fake silicon packed company. I do like a real woman.



    Quick Fixes for Girls

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  • January 12, 2018
  • How do you manage when men are not around? You know what it is like, sometimes you get so horny that you don’t know what to do with yourself. It happened to me the other night when I came home from my shift at London escorts. I had been on this really long exhausting business date, and I felt so frustrated that I did not know what to do with myself. Unfortunately, my best vibrating friend needed a new battery, so I ended up playing with myself in the shower. It was not super exciting, but it had to do. Or rather it was that or calling one of my bisexual friends at cheap escorts.

    Playing with yourself in the shower is one of those things we all have resorted to at one time or another. I don’t normally feel frustrated when I come off my shift from London escorts, but on this occasion, the evening seemed to have really dragged on. Usually there are other cheap escorts in the party, but on this occasion I was the only girl there from a cheap escorts service. I only knew my date, and he did not seem keen for me to talk to any other gents. It was really hard work.

    My feet were aching from having been forced to fit in my stilettos all day, and I really just wanted the night to end. I started to daydream and ended up thinking about sex, and about a super exciting threesome I had with my boyfriend and this other guy at a London sex party the night before. It had been great and as my mind drifted I felt myself becoming soaking wet. I don’t think that my date noticed but I was honestly sitting there waiting for my London escorts shift to end so that I could go home and do something more exciting.

    Don’t for one moment think that it is always exciting to work for London escorts because it isn’t. Some girls who join London escorts think that all dates are going to be super exciting but you do get one or two that just end up being boring, or just plain frustrating. When the dinner finally ended, I could not wait to call my boss at London escorts, and tell him that I was finally ready to end up my London escorts at 1 am. I was frustrated and just wanted to shag somebody’s brains out to get rid of my frustration.

    My date gave me a huge tip for spending so much time with him, but it did not really make up for all of the frustration I was feeling. I took a taxi home to my place in Greenwich, and only thought about getting those stilettos off my feet. The fact that my vibrator did not work was the final straw, and I decided it had just been one of those days at London escorts. After my session in the shower, I put my pyjama on and closed my eyes. Hopefully I would find some satisfaction in my dreams.

    Escorts Into Casual Relationships

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  • November 30, 2016
  • Joining London escorts has been a bit of an eye opener. I really did not think that people were into casual relationships still. Before I joined London escorts, I thought that most people took relationships kind of seriously these days. It is not only a sexual thing, it has to do with people’s feelings as well. I think that we are really quick to forget the role feelings play in relationships, and perhaps this is why so many of my dates are lonely and single gents. They simply don’t know how to handle a relationship.

    Is a one night stand a relationship? Some of the gents that I meet at London escorts think that a one night stand is a relationship. That is not true at all. It is not even the beginning of a relationship. If you think that your one night stand is the start of something, you would be sorely wrong. I have met so many gents at London escorts who think that a casual one stand is going to lead a relationship. Why should it? Sometimes you cannot even remember the other person’s name?

    If you want to pursue a relationship, and make it a bit more serious, you really have to go about it a in a different way. There are times when I think that I have better relationship with many of the gents that at London escorts than girls they pick up in bars. I actually know any of my dates and can talk to them about how they feel. You are not going to very likely to even want to talk about your feelings in a casual relationship. As a result, like I say to my dates at London escorts, you may end up getting emotionally hurt. On the other hand if you want a great fuck with a girl then book the best affordable prostitutes or a casual relationship is the one for you.

    Can casual relationships cause emotional damage? I am afraid that they can. If you do not share what is going on in your life with somebody, you can so easily end up going stir crazy. Some of the gents that I meet at London escorts say that they don’t have anybody to talk to. That is just another way of saying that I don’t have anybody to share my feelings with. This is a vital part of human existence, and I know from my experience at London escorts, that we all need to do that. We are our feelings but some people will spend a life time denying that.

    I love dating gents at London escorts, but there are days when I feel like a relationship counsellor more than anything. Loneliness is such a big problem in London today and it can never be replaced by casual relationships. If you truly want to get close to somebody, you really need to be prepared to share of yourself. Appreciate the value of what you think and feel about things, and know that it may have value to other people. What you are may form part of the overall human learning experience. As a matter of fact, it may be more important to somebody else than it is to you. Have you ever thought about that?

    Is Casual Good or Not?

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  • June 23, 2016
  • Many London escorts are in casual relationships, but recently some of the girls have started to wonder if they are any good. Some of the fantastic escorts at this great adult site that I spoke to said that they are ready to settle down, but their relationship partners are not. What do you do under circumstances like that?

    I suggested to the affected London escorts, that it is good try to force a casual partner into a serious commitment. I pointed out to the London escorts that many of that type of relationships would quickly go belly up, and could cost more than emotional upheaval. I told the London escorts that it is important to be honest with yourself and your partner. If you, like so many other London escorts, are looking for a long term relationship, it is best that both partner have the same out look.

    Will you marry me?

    One of the London escorts said that she is waiting for her partner to pop the question. She is not sure if he is really interested in a long term relationship or not. Many other London escorts said the same thing, and I told them not to hang around – ask the question.

    Asking a guy if he is interested in a long term is a big deal for all ladies including London escorts. What if he says no? That would be a devastating form of rejection. Would you ask him why or just start an argument over who gets the CD collection straight away?

    Do listen to the answer as to why, but if the relationship does not have a future, why should you invest your time? It takes two to tango, and on top of that, you need to make sure you tango in the same direction. Many London escorts say that directing, or finding a direction in a relationship can be very difficult and I would agree with them.

    Dedication or Commitment

    Are you committed to your partner? If you are, good for you but is he as equally committed to you? Before you you start selecting the hymns to the church service, discuss the issue of dedication or commitment. Marriage is a huge commitment, and you need to make sure that you are both equally committed.

    You should also be committed to the same principles and that includes sharing the rearing of any off-spring. Kids are a huge commitment and I know that my ex was never really ready for that. Now, 16 years on he is but he left that a bit late.

    Before you get married you do really need to be 100% percent committed to each other, and that often means knowing each other inside out. If, you are planning to share a life together, you need to be able to build a lasting relationship. Once you have embarked on that you will realise that every day of your marriage life commitment will matter.

    At some tough times, it will be the only thing that holds you together and at easier times, it will play less of an important role.

    Making Your Erection Last

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  • April 27, 2016
  • I love sexual health, and exploring new concepts with in sexual health. My boyfriend is a few years older than I am and sometimes I have noticed that his erections do not last that long. I am sure that a few of my more senior dates at London escorts have the same problem, but it is kind of tough to talk about it to them. I would love to help, but I think that some of the chaps that I date at cheap escorts would feel kind of uncomfortable about talking about their problems with me.

    It is a very interesting topic, and I know that many men are genuinely interested. However, most of them do not want to do the research themselves, and many magazines seem to be reluctant to print the information. Did you know that the humble apple can help you to make your erection last longer? I keep a bowl at cheap escorts and I explain to many of my dates at London escorts about the health benefits of apples. Some of them look at me a bit strangely, but overall I think that many of them get the idea. It is good for you to eat apples. Not only will apples keep the doctor away, but the pectin in apples will make your erection last for longer as well.

    Tomatoes is another beneficial fruit that can help you to maintain your erection for longer. Most men know that lycopene which is contained in tomatoes is good for their prostate, but a lot of the gents that I have spoken to at cheap escorts don’t know that it will give them a stronger erection as well. It does this by balancing the hormones in the body. The guys that I date at cheap escorts think that hormonal balance is only important for women, but that is not true. It is just as important for men, but most chaps to ignore the role their hormones play in their well being.

    Potassium is also really good for better hormonal balance. It can be found in bananas and I know that a lot of my dates at London escorts do like to eat bananas. The humble banana is one of those fruits that most men like to eat, and it is really easy to it. As a matter of fact, if you are planning to have a weekend away, you may want to eat a few extra bananas during the week. Some of the guys at cheap escorts think that they are fattening but that is not true at all.

    Yes, you can certainly eat for better erections. The most important thing is to remember to eat a lot of low fat food. Steak and chips are certainly not going to make your erections last longer, but seafood will. I am not sure about oysters, but other seafoods such as wakame algae is good. Wakame algae contains a lot of iodine and that is really good for you when you are trying to improve your sexual health. All of this has made me really interested in eating better and healthier, and I must admit that I am eating a much healthier diet now.

    Multiple Orgasms Explained For Men And Women

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  • March 29, 2016
  • It is perhaps the ultimate dream for an adult: everybody knows how incredible it is to have one orgasm, but what if you could have multiple orgasms in a session, that come as you demand them. The best thing is, they are completely normal. To achieve this sort of sexual bliss would be wonderful, and the thing that you need to know is that it is possible. It is much easier – although still difficult – if you are woman to send yourself into ecstasy three, four or five times in a session, while a man may struggle to get aroused again after he has blown his load once. Here are a few things that women can do to make sure they orgasm multiple times, and some advice for men so that they can get similar sensations.

    For a woman, making sure that you are fully relaxed, are not going to be disturbed and have plenty of time to have a fulfilling masturbation session is important. Bringing a toy along for the ride is also a good idea, as you may get tired and bored if you just have your fingers. Then, it is all about slowly building yourself up, ensuring that your clitoris gets maximum sensations and perhaps even playing with your ass. At first, don’t try to overdo it and let the pleasure grow on its own – this is much better than trying to force it. After you get going, try using your dildo or vibrator and if you have an anal toy then this may be a good time to put it in. Once you have reached orgasm, don’t give yourself too much time to relax – look to ride the wave and send yourself to the next one, and then another one in double quick time.

    Men who are hoping for extended masturbation sessions should do their utmost to perfect the art of edging. Having this sort of self-control over your cock is quite difficult as once you get close you just want to burst. But if you can manage to keep yourself on the edge then this often feels as good as an orgasm itself, and when you do eventually allow yourself to shoot you will have a much bigger orgasm. If you have plenty of stamina, you may not have to wait very long before you try and reach orgasm again, however, the experience can be rather draining so do not worry if it takes a while for arousal to grow again.

    Get sexual satisfaction at